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The youth fencers of Fencing Club Tallinna Mõõk have the opportunity to participate in various camps and training gatherings.

From the beginnings of the club we have participated in the Tuksi Sports Camp, which for fencers has usually taken place in the second half of July. In 2015, it will most likely be held in the first weeks of August. All young fencers from all age groups are welcome to attend the Tuksi Sports Camp, but one must consider that the number of places is limited and that must also be considered when making the registration decision – should you take too much time to decide, the place might be gone.

At the beginning of July, some of our best fencers are invited to participate in the fencing camp being held in Lappenranta, Finland. The camp is special because it is located on an island, and the fencing will take place outdoors (special fencing strips will be built for that purpose).

Separate fencing camps and training meetings will be organised for young people that take fencing more seriously. These will be open either only to our club members or to the representatives of Estonia in various age groups or to candidates for the representative team.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on this page and register early for a camp that suits your needs.

We wish you successful and memorable camp experiences!

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