Tallinna mõõk

Vehklemisklubi ametlik koduleht


The objectives of the club’s activities are to create conditions that favour fencing as a sport, while cultivating fencing and developing it in all its forms, from amateur sport to competitive sport, and to improve physical activity.

In order to reach its objectives, the club:

  • Brings together and connects people in Tallinn that are interested in fencing;
  • Promotes the pursuit of fencing as a sport and involves in the club’s activities young people, their parents, and supporters who are themselves interested in fencing;
  • Develops active social activities for the support of fencing as a sport;
  • Organises athletic activities, competitions and events with other clubs; participates in competitions; compiles inter-club rankings; appoints club representatives for various competitions, both at home and abroad, and draws up the club’s as well as regional competition regulations; provides interested people with methodological materials for training, and, if possible, hires coaches and instructors;
  • Organises the club’s top and competitive athletes, providing the best possible preparation for participation in sporting events;
  • Develops cooperation with other clubs, associations and unions active in the same discipline, as well as with other organisations, local governments, companies and private persons, for promoting the sport at home as well as abroad, and for preserving and maintaining traditions;
  • Organises fee based athletic events, receives material donations and enters into sponsorship agreements in order acquire equipment for organising activities in the sport;
  • Rewards and motivates people and organisations that have distinguished themselves in contributing to the development of the sports movement.