Tallinna mõõk

Vehklemisklubi ametlik koduleht

The Structure of Tallinna Mõõk

Fencing Club Tallinna Mõõk was founded on 8 September 1991, in Tallinn, and since its founding it has been a charitable volunteer association active in the form of a non-profit association. The objectives and the main activity of the association are concern the sport of fencing, and creating the conditions necessary to practice fencing as a sport in Estonia.

Fencing Club Tallinna Mõõk brings together natural and legal persons interested in sports, engaged in fencing, or enthusiastic about developing and supporting fencing as a sport.

In its activities the club adheres to legislation valid in the Republic of Estonia, as well as other acts and decisions established in accordance therewith, the statutes of the club, and the Estonian Sport Charter.

The highest body of the club is the general meeting of the club’s members. All club members have the right to participate in the general meeting.

The club has a management board that is responsible for its activities and appoints the chief executive officer.

There are paid trainers as well as voluntary trainers working at the club, in order to ensure the best preparation for the athletes following their personal goals.

At Tallinna Mõõk, young people who have just started school, along with veteran athletes, can engage in fencing. Also, the club is open to professional fencers as well as hobbyists.