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Nordic Youth Epee Camp

Nordic Youth Epee Camp


The youth epee training camp for the Nordic Countries is taking place in Haapsalu, from 29 September to 3 October. There are a total of 64 cadet and junior fencers participating. In addition to the young people, members of the Estonian women’s team are also training at the camp.

The participants are trained by coaches from various participating countries. The coaches will all carry out joint trainings for the young people. In addition to providing plenty of fencing sparring, the camp will surely be a useful experience for all who attend.

Fencing Club Tallinna Mõõk is represented at the camp by youth fencers Eduard Lebedev, Klim Gusarov, Madina Azizova and Karoliine Loit. Juhan Salm will be present as a coach.

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