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Become a sponsor

Sponsors play a very important role in the activities and development of Fencing Club Tallinna Mõõk – thanks to the sponsors, our coaches and athletes are able to strive to get to the very top of the fencing world. Also, the support of sponsors reflects positively on the preparation of our youngest members and inspires them to set the most challenging of goals.

Fencing Club Tallinna Mõõk has more hobbyists than any other fencing club in Estonia and our objective is to increase the level of support for fencing, from the youngest to the oldest hobby fencer. Consistent systematic work with young people over the past seven years has made us the most successful fencing club in Estonia, and without a doubt we have also become the most visible club.

When supporting Tallinna Mõõk, the sponsor contributes both to the development of the club as well as to the development of Estonian fencing, and the desire of both to reach the top at the international level.

If you are interested, please inquire about various sponsorship packages or project-based support options.


Juhan Salm

Managing Director, Member of the Board

+372 56 452 775