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The club takes three gold medals at the Nordic Championships

The club takes three gold medals at the Nordic Championships


Three youth epee fencers from Fencing Club Tallinna Mõõk placed first in the Nordic Youth Epee Championships, held at the Kalev Sports Hall in Tallinn. The participants in the competition came from seven countries. Estonian youth fencers won a total of four gold medals out of the possible ten. Crowned as Nordic champions are Karoliine Loit (Tallinna Mõõk) in cadets, Sandra Skoblov (Tallinna Mõõk) in U14 girls, Markus Salm (Tallinna Mõõk) in U12 boys, and Karina Beimanova (Rünnak) in U12 girls. A total of 16 medals were won at the Nordic championships by Estonian youth fencers. This made Estonia the most successful country in the competition in the medals tally.

Ruslan Eskov (Tartu Kalev) won a silver medal at the Men’s Junior Tournament, having to admit the superiority of the current Youth Olympic silver medallist, Linus Islas Flygare, from Sweden, with the result of 13:15. Karoliine Loit took home the bronze medal in the Women’s Junior Tournament. In the semi-final she lost to Dane Emilia Cecilie Borryele, 13:15.

However, at the Cadet Women’s competition, Loit earned her sweet revenge by defeating Borryele in a very equal semi-final, with a score of 15:14. In the final, Loit bested the Swede, Elvira Martensson, by the same score, 15:14. Similarly to the Men’s Junior Tournament, Eskov also placed second in the Cadet Men’s ranking. This time he also had to admit the superiority of the Swede, Linus Islas Flygare, who won by the score of 15:8.

In the U14 Girls’ Final, Skoblov defeated fellow Estonian Zinaida Smõtskova (En Garde), with a score of 15:12. Bronze medals were also won by Estonian Youth Fencers. Carmen-Lii Targamaa (En Garde) and Veronika Lebedeva (Tartu Kalev) both placed third. The bronze medal in the U14 Boys’ Tournament went to Erik Simin (Tartu Kalev).

In the U12 Boys’ Tournament Final, Salm delivered the deciding stab, defeating fellow Estonian Ilja Lutsenko (SBSK Draakon) by the score of 8:7. Third place went to German Vaiksnoras (Tartu Kalev). At the U12 Girls’ competition, Estonian youth fencers earned four victories. Beimanova defeated Elisabeth Ostrovskist (Tartu Kalev) by a score of 10:9 and Rashel Nicole Armon (Rünnak) and Karina Vassiljeva (Tartu Kalev) each placed third

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