Tallinna mõõk

Vehklemisklubi ametlik koduleht

Young people

Fencing Club Tallinna Mõõk accepts children into its training programme from the age of 7 and up. The maximum age limit for joining the youth teams is 18 years old. Fencing enthusiasts older than that are welcome to join the hobbyist training group.

Some reasons why you should have your child participate in fencing training, or why a young person should choose fencing as a sport to engage in:

Fencing burns a lot of calories and trains both the upper and lower body;
Fencing improves hand-eye coordination and increases reaction times;
Fencing helps to reduce stress;
In order to defeat one’s opponent in fencing, one must use both bodily abilities as well as the mind (which is also a reason why fencing is suitable for everyone);
Fencing training helps to improve the ability to concentrate, self-control and discipline;
And for the most important – FENCING IS SO MUCH FUN!